Why Perth Desserts?

Sometimes we don't know how to say the things we want to say. We believe the sweetest words are said with sweets.

We work hard to combine the best treats, yummiest desserts and fanciest add-ons to make the delivery the absolute perfect gift.

No matter the occasion, no matter who they are - Perth Desserts are Getting Boxed and delivering to your door now!

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The Lucky Dip - Large Box

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The perfect box for those who can't decide. A big token to say what you need to say, without having to decide between our amazing options!

The lucky dip box is the perfect gift. Each morning, we get up and put together some fabulous new boxes...but sometimes our creative ideas take over and we feel like doing something special. SO - We have created the lucky dip box! This includes two of any desserts that we feel will be perfect on that day. They could be donuts, brownies, or cookies. These take the guess work out of sending something special. One thing is for sure - no matter what, they're sure to please!

These boxes include:

  • 6 of Anything!

Our desserts come in a box filled with chocolates, popcorn, pretzels and more!