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The Lucky Dip - Large Box

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Each morning, we get up and put together some fabulous new boxes...but sometimes our creative ideas take over and we feel like doing something special. SO - We have created the lucky dip box! This includes two of any desserts that we feel will be perfect on that day. They could be donuts, brownies, or cookies. These take the guess work out of sending something special. One thing is for sure - no matter what, they're sure to please!


These boxes include:

  • 6 of Anything!


Your box will come packed with popcorn, chocolates and plenty of other goodies to snack on.


Don’t let your delivery go to waste! Please read below…


We hate to see our boxes at risk of melting in the hot summer sun. Please be mindful that we deliver during the day and will leave the boxes at the door if no one is home. We do our best to hide in the shade, but this isn’t always possible. We recommend either delivering to workplaces or giving your friend a helpful tip that something special is coming and to leave an eski at the door.


Deliveries start at 8:00am and run until 5:00pm unless stated otherwise.


If we are delivering alcohol these will NOT be left unattended. Please ensure someone is able to collect or we will have to redeliver at a later time – a $20 redelivery fee will apply.