The Hummus Club - Northbridge

Don’t be fooled into thinking that The Hummus Club is only a savoury destination. Famous for its namesake and delectable Middle Eastern share plates you would be forgiven for thinking that desserts here would take a backseat. Boy, would you be wrong.

Arriving on a sunny Saturday afternoon we are quickly greeted by one of their friendly staff and taken to a table out on the alfresco. With front row seats to the urban pulse of Northbridge we settle in and are informed we won’t be trying just one but all of their desserts! Each picture-perfect plate makes its way to our table and, spoiled for choice, we dig into the closest arrival.


Enticingly similar to Baklava our first sweet treat, the Baklawa Ice-cream Sandwich, resembles the famous sticky Turkish dessert. Made up of layers of filo pastry, syrup and nuts it is lighter than its Turkish cousin favouring less syrup and crisper layers of flaky pastry. Accompanying two glorious squares is a generous scoop of banana and macadamia ice-cream, a drizzle of syrup and sprinkling of pistachios. This dessert is a sensory delight. Crunch and creaminess with floral notes and the intensely sticky sweet sauce marry together wonderfully. Not for the faint of heart though! This is something to share after a meal… or for the seasoned sweet tooth among us.


Next up: The Chocolate Halwa Brownie. You really can’t go wrong with a brownie. Here at Perth Desserts, we’ll take them in any form: dark, white, fruity, chunky, big, small, hot, cold. You name it, we’ll eat it. But oh my does this brownie take the cake (pun intended) for one of the most delicious we’ve had in a while. Decadent, rich, fudgy goodness topped with salted caramel ice cream on a bed of delicate floss. Ghazel el banet floss, as described on the menu, is a Lebanese spun sugar with flavours reminiscent of sugar cookies. With none of the artificial sweetness you associate to festival candy floss this sugary delight has a pleasantly distinct buttery flavour that melts in your mouth.


Having devoured two of the more decadent desserts on offer we are next drawn to Tayta’s Doughnuts. Tayta (Lebanese for Grandma) evokes all things soul-warming and made with love, and these particular doughy delights live up to the name. My nan also had a hankering for marmalade so in my book this makes for the ultimate plate of nostalgia. Far from old-fashioned though this dessert has the Hummus Club signature touch of elegance that brings grandma’s kitchen to the modern day. The mini sugar crusted doughnuts are fluffy on the inside, crisp on the out and encrusted in zesty marmalade. However, it is the pistachio butter arced across the plate that is the hero of this dish. Gooey, nutty and sweet it brings everything together and ensures Tayta’s Doughnuts are a crowd pleaser.


Last and most definitely not least we sample the Lebanese Fruit Salad. This colourful plate of dessert is almost too pretty to eat, almost. Fresh strawberry and watermelon act as a bed for the tangy lemon granita and a perfect scoop of strawberry sorbet. This dessert is beautifully complex and refreshing, the perfect end to a feast of their savoury offerings. The sprigs of mint offer a herbaceous hit, especially when combined with the lemon granita. Currants and almond slivers bring crunch and a tart element that combined with the bright, summery fruits makes for an explosion of zesty flavours.


Utterly content and full to the brim of wonderful dessert we make our way out of the venue. By the front door, luminous in pink neon, is the sign “In Hummus We Trust”. An agreeable sentiment set on a background of flowing Arabic script. We are informed these are the names of people who donated towards opening the restaurant. From their humble beginnings at the Leederville markets, you can see why their crowd-funding venture was such a success. Warm service combined with a vibrant atmosphere and, most importantly, beautiful food is worth every donated dollar. We’ll be back soon, and we hope you will be too!

Written by Erin Dilley