Dark Horse Espresso

Dark Horse Espresso with its exposed brick walls, dark interiors and warm glowing pendant lights is a hidden gem nestled amongst the caryards and pubs at the end of Albany Highway. 

Walking in we are immediately greeted with a friendly hello from owners Lara and Kylie, a welcoming gesture offered to everyone from regulars to first timers, which makes us feel right at home. 

We are here to try their famous Boston Pancakes which we soon discover are a fluffy stack of pure delight. 

When they arrive at the table the sweet rich scent of chocolate wafts into your nose and the sight of it dripping teasingly over the stack will have you salivating. 

Each pancake sits sandwiched between generous smears of vanilla cream custard and finished with a touch of berry compote, a delicate sprinkling of crushed peanuts and a biscuit crumble. The compote adds just the right amount of tart to counteract the rich chocolate glaze and the peanut/biscuit combo gives that little bit of crunch and salty nuttiness that keeps you going back for more. 

The combined elements make for a surprisingly balanced plate of dessert goodness, you’ll be licking the plate clean we promise. 

Next, to further the impending sugar coma, we were presented with a smorgasbord of their beautiful and decadent ‘Freakshakes’: Salted Caramel, Strawberries & Cream, Crunchie and Mint Slice each adorned with whipped cream, syrup and accompanying sweet (or salty) treat. 

Lining them up it’s hard to decide where to start but each is as tasty as the last, with a flavour to suit everyone.

The menu here is not just for the sweet tooth either. They offer an impressive menu of favourites with a modern American twist like their Brekkie Burrito with chorizo and sriracha mayo or the Zucchini & Potato Fritters with feta. 

When describing their menu, they claimed the expression ‘naughty or nice’ was perfect. You can have healthy and not so healthy here but it will always be delicious. Their menu is ever changing thanks to the ladies’ dedication to research in the form of reading, watching and of course eating! 

They don’t want Perth to be left behind and are always searching the world for new ideas and bringing them to your doorstep.

Written by Erin Dilley