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Whisk Creamery

Whisk Creamery  Subiaco Friday 8thJune 2018  Chances are you have been too, or at least heard of, Whisk Creamery. Their flagship store has been serving delicious gelato to the residents of Subiaco since 2014, and for the past couple of years bringing sweet treats to the streets of Northbridge from their new venue. Here at Perth Desserts we had a chance to visit the Subiaco store and indulge in some of their creations, and we weren’t disappointed! Six staple flavours can be found at both stores with a different monthly flavour being released at each. This month at Subiaco: Peanut Butter. We tried a deliciously nutty scoop on one of their famous waffles topped with whipped cream, a flamed giant...

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Dark Horse Espresso

Dark Horse Espresso with its exposed brick walls, dark interiors and warm glowing pendant lights is a hidden gem nestled amongst the caryards and pubs at the end of Albany Highway. Walking in we are immediately greeted with a friendly hello from owners Lara and Kylie, a welcoming gesture offered to everyone from regulars to first timers, which makes us feel right at home. We are here to try their famous Boston Pancakes which we soon discover are a fluffy stack of pure delight. When they arrive at the table the sweet rich scent of chocolate wafts into your nose and the sight of it dripping teasingly over the stack will have you salivating. Each pancake sits sandwiched between generous smears of vanilla cream...

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